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ATLC (Atlantis Coin)

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Come on board the Atlantis DAO Cruise Ship where we will host crypto conventions!

Countdown to P2B Launch

Friday Feb 2 @ 12:00 PM GMT

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What is it?


The Atlantis project is set to make history by bringing the revolutionary concept of sea steading to life.

We're creating a decentralized community that operates independently from any existing nation-state.

We will be powered by our unique cryptocurrency called Atlantis Coin (ATLC).

But that's just the beginning.

Our aggressive plan involves purchasing a cruise ship within the first year.

The ship will serve as the first seastead and host cryptocurrency events that showcase the power of our decentralized governance system.

By year two, we'll expand our community with additional docked cruise ships and/or floating islands.

By year three we'll build out Atlantis City – a decentralized living space in international waters!

Crypto Services - Conventions on our Ships

As we sail forward, Atlantis DAO aims to dominate the cryptocurrency services market, poised to grow exponentially from $5.25 billion to an astounding $11.98 billion by 2030. By merging the luxury of cruise experiences with crypto conventions and self-governance, we are set to become a global phenomenon.

Concept of seasteading and cruise ships - side view

The Future is Bright

Concept of seasteading and cruise ships - side view

Sea steading, vacationing, and living on the water!

Think Big!

Leases, timeshares, and permanent residences in a community that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Atlantis City will feature themed islands and a fleet of docked cruise ships, all supported by large floating docks.

These docks will be the central socialization hubs of the Atlantis community.

But what makes Atlantis truly special is our commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive community.

Our Treasury system will provide loans to citizens, allowing them to start businesses and contribute to our growth.

With our rewards program for ATLC holders, everyone benefits from the success of the project.

Join us on this exciting journey.

With our aggressive timeline and innovative vision, we're excited to offer a one-of-a-kind experience that will exceed your wildest expectations.

Let's make waves together!

Responsible Crypto

Doing what we love

Cruise Ships & Crypto Conventions

Think Big!

Life on the water

Vacations, Homes, Leases, and Timeshares

Love the Earth, Love the Water


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