About ATLC (Crypto Coin)

Ambitious and Driven

We are a new cryptocurrency, but with a purpose. We are driven to results on a condensed timeline.

What do we want?

Our token-holders will own a fleet of cruise ships, with the purpose of eventual sea steading within 3-5 years.

By the end of our public sale, through crypto-funding, we will raise funds to purchase the first cruise ship.

By the end of 2025, another ship.

By the end of 2026, our sites are set on the open sea with additional ships added to the fleet and plans drawn up to a permanent dock in the ocean. These will be for residences and vacations as well as destinations for other ships.

Atlantis Token - sea steading and cruise ships. Homes on the water!

Token Sale Breakdown

Only 1 Billion ATLC coins will be produced, half of which will be locked in our treasury in Stablecoin, while the other 500,000,000 will be sold with specific plans in mind.

Responsible. Forward-thinking. Realistic. Dreamers.


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