Frequently Asked Questions

Token-related questions

25 million tokens will be available for pre-sale on P2B - Launchpad beginning in February.

Go to launch page on P2B

Next, the tokens will be available on the open market and Atlantis Dao will provide liquidity.

Then, we will open up a 5-day duration of 20 million tokens per day (capped).

Tokens will then be priced at 5% under the open market price and capped at 1 million tokens per day from the website for the next 350 days.

Only 1 Billion ATLC tokens will ever be available.

500 million of which will be sold in the token sale. All stablecoin from token sale will be moved into treasury along with additional ATLC tokens as denoted below.

Additional breakdown of remaining 500 million tokens will be used to pay for staking, founders, and build-out of ships/docks and needs such as marketing.

  1. 290 million to treasury (for community/citizens of Atlantis and build out of infrastructure and decentralized government)
  2. 100 million for staking
  3. 100 million founders (90% of these will be locked for 2 years)
  4. 10 million marketing

Ship-related questions

The goal is sea steading. That's right, living onboard cruise ships, attached through a HUGE water-dock in International Waters!

Allowing for "more-permanent" residences for people to work, play, or vacation.

Many cruise ships will be docked together separated by the large water-dock.

The water-dock will be the socialization hub and will allow for multi-ship events, restaurants, shops, fun and relaxation in a more wide-open atmosphere.

Staterooms will eventually be larger, patrons will be fewer than normal cruises (for comfort purposes), and stays will be longer.

People from all over the world will be able to buy a 5 or 10-year lease on a stateroom, or even buy it as a timeshare to share with their family members.

Ships will cruise to land weekly for restocking and swapping out passengers, then return to the water-dock in International Waters.

The ATLC token will be used as the primary funding and currency to pay for most-everything. Token-holders can share in our dream and help make it possible!

We plan on moving fast, responsibly.

Based on initial token sales (funding), our goal is to raise funds to purchase a used cruise ship in Year 1 (2023 or early 2024).

The first ship will most likely be between 15-20 years old, and will be a medium-sized ship as far as cruise line standards.

Year 1 goal will also be commencing sailings and holding cryptocurrency conferences aboard the ship.

Year 2 will also be plans for adding additional ships or a large, anchored, temporary sea-dock.

Year 3 will be establishing grand plans for permanent-mounted sea-dock capable of allowing many cruise ships to dock and serve as the main socialization center for people to gather and hang-out when debarking off their own assigned ship.

Years 4 and 5 will see all plans come together and have buildout and refinement of the sea-dock and socialization hub between ships.

Running the day to day operations and maintenance of a large cruise ship is an undertaking in and of itself. We plan on partnering and hiring a major cruise line to take care of the day to day operations for us while we get our sea legs under us! Then, eventually be able to have our own operations and employees fully in place or share them with a cruise line.

Aside from the 1st ship which will initially be used for conventions only, for subsequent ships, the goal will be to try and establish more permanent residences aboard these ships with fewer passenger counts to allow for greater comfort.

Leasing a ship stateroom, timeshares, or even long-term leases (5 or 10 year) will be our goal for each room of the ship(s).

For the reasons above, we should need a lighter set of crew aboard each ship and residents will be more independent than your typical cruise line vacation. For example, at home, does someone come into your bedroom each night and fold animals into blankets and is that necessary if these are more-permanent residences?

We have our eyes set on several ports capable of hosting cruise ship sailings. These will most likely be in Florida and as close to our sea-anchoring location as possible.

Weekly sailings out of the port(s) will take place to allow for swap out of passengers over the weekends.

The ships will spend the majority of their time anchored on a more shallow area of the ocean shelf, but, in International Waters.

As we build out the permanent sea-dock, the ships will most likely anchor near this location.


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